Getting set up

This is to be home base for my explorations into learning and teaching with, about, because of, and even in spite of technology. Years ago, after already investing a good chunk of my youth in my ample but ultimately less than extraordinary musical talents I set out to become a classroom teacher. But a funny thing happened on the way to the schoolhouse: the personal computer. And at 30-something I took to figuring it out in a way I hadn’t approached anything since my first electric guitar.

Of the many similarities between those approaches some things stand out: there were always peers doing similar things and we enhanced each others’ learning in quantifiable ways; there was an initial disdain for formality and convention, which also eroded as new limits and plateaus were discovered; it never seemed like work, always like play.

In a way very similar to how my first ever guitar teacher soon had me covering some of his other lessons, I became a computer lab assistant at teachers’ college in the days of Mosaic and Netscape 1.0. And it was utterly impossible to spend any meaningful time jamming, either guitar or HTML, without learning some new licks and teaching someone some of yours.

This site will, at the very least, consist of my blog and my projects. I intend for these to be collaborative projects. The only prerequisites to becoming a collaborator here will be interest, enthusiasm, and the ability to share in the enthusiasm of others.

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