Mastering Services


  1. Read the instructions and prepare your files
  2. Fill out the form. You will receive an automated response, with an email address you may use at any time to contact me, and you’ll receive a human response soon after.
  3. You can choose to send me a mix, or mixes, by file transfer (e.g., WeTransfer) or Dropbox (we’ll provide a folder).


  • Files must be at least 44.1 kHz and at least 24 bit.
  • WAV or AIFF files only please, for both our sake — the end result will suffer if we master MP3s!
  • Mix files should provide between -6dB and -9dB of headroom.
  • When bouncing out your stereo mix: please remove/deactivate any limiters and/or compressors that may be on your master buss.
  • Please leave us some room at the beginning and end of songs (500ms is good).
  • Please name your files clearly and consistently.
    An example format might be: artist-0x-songname-[mix|rough|etc]
  • We strongly encourage you to include references and/or first-masters (sometimes called rough masters).

Thank you for this opportunity to take part at this important phase of your project!

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